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According to traffic statistics online, xVideos is the most visited porn website in the world with an estimated 1,6 billion visitors /month. That’s a ton of jizz that goes to waste on a daily basis, which makes those cum craving sperm banks jealous as fuck. Then again, good riddance! We don’t need DNA from fucking losers in the gene pool!

Little is known about the French owner “Stephane” of the site, who launched it back in 2007. At least the faggot isn’t a gold digger like the original owner of Pornhub. When he was offered 120 million dollars by an unknown source, the motherfucker said: “go fuck yourself and let me continue my game of Diablo II”. What a hero…! Yeah right, what an idiot! If someone offered me that kind of money, you can all kiss my hairy ass goodbye, dipshits!

XVideos is probably one of the most popular tube sites around. It always comes up in search results for the sexiest things and they have got a huge repository of the nastiest content. Whatever it is that you want to see, you can probably find it on there. The homepage is full of a lot of information so hold onto your pants. Actually. Don’t hold onto them. Let them fly free in the wind because you don’t need them anymore. You’re going to be fapping for the next few hours with XVideos!

Right at the top of the page, there are a whole bunch of tags to choose from that give you a good idea of what you can expect. Amateur, gangbangs, stockings and MILFs are what you will see here. Basically every type of porn from amateur to professional and everything in between. Most porn sites even upload their own videos to it in shorter format because they want to give special gifts to their fans. In the tags section at the top of the page is also a bunch of pornstars who are popular at the moment. You might see girls like Naomi Woods, Ariana Marie or Bailey Paige.

Next, you scroll down to the home page. Here is where you will find the hot porn movies you want to watch. The home page has no options for organization, you just take what is presented to you. When you hover over a thumbnail the video plays a little bit so you can see what is there and what you might enjoy watching.

When you click on a category or tag you will be brought to a page that has all the things there from that tag. Here you can organize the videos by popularity and time range. Most popular today, most popular last month, etc. The videos that are available in HD have a little HD marker on them so you can tell which they are.

Click on a video and you can see what you need to do to be a contributing member of the community. Like the videos, comment on them and add them to your favorites. Contributing to the community is helpful because there are so many videos on here that most people have a hard time figuring out which one to watch. When you like a video or leave an honest comment it helps everyone out!

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